m wood pen

freelance illustrator: have pen, will travel

m wood nyc east river view brightfunny how i thought i had a sort of uneventful summer.

the whirlwind of one thing after another has blown in, and amongst the family focus of graduations, parties, new dresses & shoes; come hosting a bridal shower; a weekend of college pals midsummer for a wedding; three, count ’em, three mini and not so mini roadtrips; co-hosting and co-designing a fabulous graduation party (my tot is a big fan of all things tori spelling, and i found myself lost in her “celebratori” book the other evening); watching with a weirdly-connected feeling of pride as cicely tyson claimed her best actress tony award (i am a proud theatre/arts/movie/television junkie); and oh yes, tending a vegetable garden…

i also have to work.

lots of goodies coming my way, and the challenge and fun of summers, ever since i struck out on my own in this little creative endeavor of mine while managing the maternal tasks of having three children, is to pry myself away from the fun, and keep an eye on the store.

since two of the three precious cargo have apparently, shockingly, moved into the city, and i’ve one lambie pie left here (how did that happen so fast?), the juggling is a little more manageable, especially since i spent the entire day (procrastinating) rearranging and organizing my entire office.

so, i really have absolutely no excuse to delay, and shall dive into some commissioned illustrations, including six new york city illustrations for a fab client, a kismet-kissed kick off to the nyc & paris book illustration project soon to land at my pen.

all that’s left is to cue up just the right ‘mood music’, and away i go.

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