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i like to draw

m wood miami lounge chairin honor of a new bit of logo designing, which propelled me to impetuously order new business cards, labels and promotional postcards (damn this instant gratification internet!), today seemed like a perfect day to give my blog/site/whatever this is, a pretty little face lift.

no botox was used to add sun-kissed freshness to this face of m wood pen, rather the opposite.  i’m a believer in natural living, totally comfortable carrying a waving flag of the lovely lines, flaws and notches that tag along as i navigate this kookie life of mine.

granted, when i visit some websites, i weep in envy…but only momentarily.

i’d rather keep my fingers on the control dial, thus choose to stick with this wonderful wordpress template for the center of my creative digital universe.

ages ago, when i had to hire a very expensive website (to be designed and delivered over a weekend) in time for the airing of oprah’s favorite things episode back in 1999, the elves remained behind the curtain.  whatever switches they pulled, keys they pounded with furious other-language surety, the product was fine, but…man, the line was long to get things added, removed, revised or updated.  and did i mention the cost?

so thanks to progress, transparency and being clearly the most popular place on earth to hang, i’m happily going to grapple with choosing a new template, popping in some springy new colors, move some content around, and call it a day.

you can be sure, *just ask my children re: the frequency of my rearranging the furniture, et al* that this incarnation will last just a while, until the autumn crisp cool breeze comes flying through my doors, beckoning me to change it all, once more.

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