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go to new york and see this incredible show!

go to new york and see this incredible show!

“six days does not a week make!”

one of my all-time favorite movie quotes, uttered by the plucky jane fonda in the wacky 1968 neil simon film, ‘barefoot in the park’, came to mind often a few weeks ago.

charged with the incomprehensible feat of creating, designing, manufacturing, gift-wrapping and shipping, (in six days time): custom-designed, personalized note cards for the opening night cast & crew gifts (including custom-made wooden gift boxes) for ‘the trip to bountiful’ at the stephen sondheim theatre…(that’s a mouthful!), my team and i managed to pull off a fabulous coup. with ease!

delivering (well, that part is thanks to fed ex) some pretty swell looking goods, if i say so myself, a day earlier than expected, (with only one name misspelled!), i can say that i’d do it all again in a red-hot minute: this is the stuff of creating that never gets old, it only gets better.

here’s a little photo trip through the madcap, amazing project:

in all of the excitement, i never forgot for a moment to have an absolute ball, added by the sheer impossibility othe scope of this project.  working with remarkable people makes my job seem like a lark in the park, i kid you not!

here’s to my ace box maker and bow-tier, maureen; most excellent and fast fab printer, barrington print & copy; charming swag surprise elves, glodesign & swaponz; pat for his most excellent and level-headed packing skills; brian edwards for keeping the information and smiles flowing from coast to coast; cnn for keeping us all entertained during the big friday night rush to get all ready for shipping; and, as always, vw for a totally appreciated, one-of-a-kind, amazing project.


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