m wood pen

freelance illustrator: have pen, will travel

a little stunned bird compelled me to stray outside this morning to survey the damage done to bird (false alarm) and to garden (departing winter never leaves a clean canvas).  as i wandered from one little inspection to the next, i succumbed to the call of spring: chores.

trimming branches with my hedge clippers, untangling the last strand of christmas lights from the log bannister, uprooting invasive weeds, filling bird feeders and untoppling decor, i soaked in the miraculous sun, kiss of warm wind, and peeping green tops of eager flowers and fern.

living among the land of four seasons, regardless of my declining love for freezing cold days, i do embrace the natural miracles that divide our year into distinctive quarters.  the moods shift, the music changes, the landscape colors and mutes, the life indoors becomes more cozy and prominent, then just as quickly, my living space moves outside.

country living is the way to go.  despite the terror of the little injured bird incident and my certainty that i didn’t have it in me to ‘put it out of its misery’, my 360 degree view is lush, remote, natural, beautiful and nurturing.  real chores demanding real elbow grease, a john deere, clippers, tools, vision and hunter boots keep the cycle whirling along.

i’m back inside for the moment, as duty calls me back to a bit of digital work, but i’ve tasted the first kiss of this new season of hope, bloom, picnics, dining al fresco, upturning dirt to plant seeds, dozing over an opened book poolside while a mason jar of sweet tea sits glistening on the arm of my chair.

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