m wood pen

i like to draw

"hello, i'm beverly boyer, and i'm a tramp"

“hello, i’m beverly boyer…and i’m a tramp.”

the thrill of it all, 1963

happy birthday, doris day!

i’ve been chided over my life-long love of this fabulous gal, and i’ll defend my adoration to the death!  doris day is a whole lotta perky, kookie, optimistic, sunny, pretty, stylish, warm, lovely, endearing, talented, independent, modestly sexy and real.  a perfect recipe of the era that i love best, that i lived earliest in, and adore still.

summertime was spent largely in our swimming pool, but admittedly, glued, as well, to the television.  that’s where it began, this love affair of mine.  sunny blonde lady, singing a happy tune, watching men fall hopelessly in love with her as she navigated exciting, glamorous careers…how yummy was this technicolor life playing out before me?

couldn’t get enough.

admittedly, when i had children of my own, i tired very quickly of cartoons & barney, so introduced my tots at a very early age to the world of those stylish, innocent early 60s, incarnated by doris and her cavalcade of beaus: rock hudson, cary grant, james garner & rod taylor. the hi-jinx of glass bottom boats, “the cracks in the school yard”, radio-controlled hors d’oeuvres and a nerve-causing rash in romantic bermuda kept those young eyes delighted and riveted, and the torch was passed.

and tonight?  to toast this fabulous gal?

give me a bowl of popcorn, a smart matching set of p.j’s, fuzzy slippers and a doris day movie marathon, with a side of sunshine, any day.

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