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terrifically busy day.  momentous occasion on all fronts. and best of all, i’m living vicariously through #2 child who is jetting off to tuscany for a sun-vino-history-art-pasta-hilarity-italian-infused holiday with her fabulous chum, in residence.

in preparation, i’d given the dvd of ‘room with a view’ as a little introduction to both firenze and helena pre-bellatrix. the film lured me there ages ago, abruptly putting a stop to the planned trip to ireland, i pointed my compass south to the tuscan hills instead.

this parenting thing is cool: rather than a natural pinch of envy i might be feeling should a friend or cohort be off on this trek without me, i feel an extended loving arm reach right on to that plane, through customs, across the cobbled, vespa-filled stones, awed beneath the grandiose duomo, inspired and humbled within the sacred walls of santa croce.

this love grows and expands like a big happy balloon, and i’m amazed each and every day with it’s length, constancy and limitless boundaries.

so yep. i’m finishing some vital editing work courtesy of my nifty macbook, stretched out on my bed with my kitty-in-residence cuddling nearby.  my errand list will keep me within a little tiny orbit around my land later this morning, extending to a drop-off at the international terminal at o’hare this afternoon.

by this evening and the next ten days?  you know where i’ll be: hovering just a step or two behind #2 gal as she explores tuscany in all of it’s glory.

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