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m wood cnn ireport 2013

this is just a silly kick for me which i’m compelled to post!  while i never seem to leave my house (at least during this snow-filled, winter wonderland of the midwest), the universe is knocking at my door.

well, not the universe, per se, but a fab producer from cnn’s ireport did track me down yesterday via instagram.  my, how the world of journalism has changed since the days of typewriters, rotary telephones and scribbles on notepads!

quicker than a blink, the web of movements, so intangible, sent my ‘lazy icicle’ from my metal roof, to my iphone.  then, a bit of editing, and poof, it was posted onto my instagram feed.

fast forward to a few hours later in the day (and several more coffee cups in order to lean over my drafting table perfecting my illustrations for a book project), and i spotted a query, in a comment, beneath my icicle instagram photograph.

you following?

this is the part that’s so cool.  i was invited to share my photo with the online cnn world’s “ireport” site, and in order to do so, simply had to hashtag “ireport” to give them permission.  then, an email with a casual interview was sent, which i replied to on my macbook (a great reason to procrastinate from toiling at that drafting table!).

questions answered, i returned to life as i know it, which included greeting my pal in his bright red truck, come to plow our long country driveway so that this weekend’s teens don’t, once more, get their cars stuck in our drifts, whipping up a delicious dinner for my almost-18 year old, and settling into my de riqeuer evening wear: plaid baggy pjs and a cozy wool sweater.

by evening, the photo was posted onto the cnn site!

and, by mid-morning today, yes, less than 24 hours after the initial instagram odyssey began, i was greeted with this lovely little piece, describing my very own snow day.

while the ‘lazy icicle’ is long gone, as well as two decades of playing in the snow with my now-grown children, melted memories all, the phantom of snow play will linger well beyond the decades of winter to come.

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