m wood pen

i like to draw

bountiful checkered vestblanketed with more snow that i know what to do with, i feel grateful that i can ease into my days with grace, rather than rush hours, traffic, road rage and the mind-boggling issue of deciding what to wear.

as it is, i’ve scanned a dozen illustrations to send to my book editors in london, dealt with that daily bit of social media self-promotion, walked two guest dogs in the deep ruts left in our driveway by my daughter’s morning trek to high school, enjoyed two very strong cups of coffee, sketched a few vignettes for yet another potential book project, flipped the laundry, fed the cat (who is hiding from the guest dogs), and edited dozens of my illustrations digitally.

and i’m still, yes, dear reader, in my pajamas!

well, rather, i’m in my sons pajamas.  one of the many rewards of parenting is inheriting cool clothes left behind or outgrown by your children.  thus, a nifty cozy pair of plaid pj’s (which have a definite scottish clan look about them) have escorted me well into my work morning.  productive beyond words, and cozy down to my toes…in shearling-lined slippers that i’ve swiped, oops, borrowed, from my daughter.

the point of all of this, wait, do i have to have a point?  ;)

stress melts out of my reach thanks to the tempo of my world as it’s evolved to this place of creative combustion. all the while nestled into my wintry lodge, my view of frozen pines, deer tracks and stacked firewood continues to comfort, inspire and delight me.  gratitude blankets this gal.

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