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what a great day, despite weirdest weather ever…(nearly impossible to choose the right outfit as seasonal climes are all whacked out!)  yesterday, i inadvertently stepped out for a super fun lunch dressed exactly like a polo player!

but since the majority of my work life is spent indoors, i can keep my eyes fixed on sketch paper, fresh pens & happy emails from enthusiastic clients clamoring for custom architectural illustrations, totally ignoring the obstacle of dealing with the elements outdoors and its unseasonal unpredictability.

funny how life works: i got my interior architecture/design degree as an emergency post-college effort to grab some “professional” skills which would help me to get a job.  a half a dozen years later, i stashed my triangles, scales and vellum away, and was suddenly living out of the city, with a baby, and the beginnings of a note card empire.  (hyperbole, it was more like a little province).

but the kookie bit that life shows us is that the boomerang effect is always in play: no sooner did i nearly forget that i owned a drafting table, did the throngs gather to put their ideas into the ring.  and so, happily as almost a little hobby, i spend a part of each day sketching buildings, bridges, towers and cottages.

they say, home is where the hearth is, and here, from my cozy house, steps from my blazing hearth, i sit, sketch and smile, all the while taking a visual trip from kansas city to nashville, a stop or two in nyc to capture a few more landmarks, glide up the new england cost to create a gorgeous portrait of a really cool house, zoom west to the coast, then buckle up to sketch a few more buildings in london. and that’s just this week.

frequent flying, right from my studio!

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