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the phantom ‘procrastination’ has flown out the door, leaving me with a heaving stack of new office supplies, my little reward to kick off in real-time a very important project.  almost like the first day of school, i’m embracing a renewed sense of order and organization in the guise of three-ring binders, top-load 3 hole punched clear sleeves, alphabetical tabs, new crisp-tipped pens, vellum, circle templates and a few fresh pads of paper.

this coming from a gal who’s got no less than 3 antique trunks filled with shoe-boxed 4×6 photographs from life pre-digital age, dusted over and waiting, breathlessly for the day that i get my act together and line them all up in dozens and dozens of photo albums.

this from a doodler who has over 10 tidy cardboard photo boxes overflowing with original art, sketches, schematics, architectural drawings, cartoons, and illustrations.  and somewhere, tucked behind my desk is a lime green coach make up kit filled with those once-fancy gadgets known as jump drives, loaded to the gills with files of more of the same.

stacked just beneath those is a jazzy metal mesh cd rack.  stuffed into that?  cd after cd of even more illustrations: some labeled, the different handwriting a token to the layers of my past in my life of pen and ink, and worst of all, saddest of sad, is my crate&barrel saddle leather very first (and actually, only) briefcase.  shoved under my bed, without even leaning over to pull it out, i know just what is entombed: a rainbow of stacks of floppy discs.  oh how i loved buying those, a revolution in file storage!  a dozen illustrations stored on each one!

yep, the joke’s on me: i’ll never get those back, and gosh, i hope that i had the good sense to save those drawings on something “hipper” and actually accessible.  but i’ll never know.  if you haven’t guessed it yet, i’m the creative type, and the forced part of my personality is the one that envisions the strategic invasion of normandy, soldiers assembled in lines, ranks, rows and divisions.

so my little trip to the office store?  surely going against nature, but i’m going to give it a try: organize, label, tidy and true: create something very important, all told about 130 illustrations, that have a home-built and ready for them even before they’re born. the challenge? tuck each single one into its proper place the red-hot second it leaves my drawing board.

the concept makes so much sense, right?

yeah, well…so did those color-coordinated floppy disks….



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