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freelance illustrator: have pen, will travel

cuba libre, bartender!

cuba libre, bartender!



beautiful universe, look what you’ve done!  hand in hand: my graduate degree in interior architecture + design comes smashing into my made-up life of note card guru, freelance designer, licensed artist + illustrator extraordinaire in one fell swoop.

i have to admit, i’d missed my dusty old drafting board, once a place i spent hovered over the majority of each day for years, but for two decades, it’s been stashed underneath couches, buried in basements, tucked between cabinets and clothes.

life had moved me from controlled, straight-lined, point to point, measured to the umpth of an inch, designer…to a free-form, devil-may-care sketcher: the more light, the more loose, the more i too lightened and loosened and eventually landed here into a bonafide artist.  heck, a client’s promo even referred to me as “an american artist”, which just cracks me up.

as i tell my kids, if it’s printed, it must be true, right?

well, except for the abstract print i created a few years ago, which (hello hyperbole, my dear old friend), was inspired by my “travels to the middle east”.  is it okay if those travels were actually undertaken in on a down couch via slide shows provided by my archaeologist mother?

no matter.  we all like some poof and elaboration in our lives: otherwise, it’s just a life, and not so much of an adventure.

so bottoms up, my fluidy compulsion will be slightly reined in this month as i bend, latte at my side, over that drafting board building precise lines, arcs, angles and layers to create one hell of a cool project.

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