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oprah’s favorite things 1999

sort of seems like several thousand lifetimes ago. in the land of big cell phones, early flirting with the entity known as websites, fax machines, with no inkling of the domineering universes of facebook and twitter just around the bend.  yep, that was my time in the limelight as a fledgling cottage industry gal who was plucked from decorating a tots birthday party and flung into the orbit of the great and powerful oprah.

what a day, i’ll never forget.

anyway, i spotted mention of this uber-wild event being held today, in a reincarnated format in the new world of “own”, and had to take a moment to reminisce about how much has changed since the day i hung out at harpo, watching oprah hawk my little boxed note cards.  incredulously, i wore a silk eileen fisher quilted jacket just a shade deeper than the one our hostess donned that day.  wonder where that went…you’d think i’d hang on to it for a really cool souvenir. and the food in the canteen?  delicious.  chatting with kenny g in the green room?  kookie.

the only downside, as i’m sure to be reminded of for the rest of my life, was missing my daughters pre-school thanksgiving feast during the taping downtown.  what a funny memory.  what a long time ago that was, and yet, the frenzy and excitement and naivete was conjured up instantly when i spotted this photo online.

a day to give thanks, a day to be thankful for.

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