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m wood nyc liberty view

the pressure and news is almost too much to bear!  hellish sandy pounding away at the shores of our beloved nyc and the entire eastern shores: the tweets kept me riveted last night until far too late! and in a ridiculous alter-existence, smattered in between one devastating report after another (hospitals being evacuated, fdny unable to reach burning rockaway, crane dangling on w 57th, con ed explosion) was a twitter weekly conversation known as ‘garden chat’ which sandwiched remarks more suitable for a tea trolley with a juniper-infused sweets tray from avid green thumb-ers (jonquils, autumn harvests, rose trimming, someone’s college son who is pursuing a theatrical career, a new puppy): the clash of realities started playing tricks with my brain and the expression ‘dual realities’ slapped a twilight zone quality into the mix.

on top of it, conjuring up an image suitable to munch’s ‘silent scream’, one fellow who i follow decried, “and there’s a presidential election in one week!”: it was just all too much.

the universe has an uncanny way of communicating.  here, whispers of sweet gardens and jubilation over a bumper-crop of hyacinths; there, the jaws of hell and parting of the red sea cripple our very own big apple.  and then this, the side-show: politicians running around, flapping arms and saying, “look at me, choose me, love me”?

how silly and small and ridiculous and brave and undaunted humankind seems in moments like this where the ‘davids’ stand awed and humbled by the ‘goliaths’ of nature and it’s fury.

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