m wood pen

i like to draw

my desk

heavens to betsy, would someone please push the pause or slow button on the wacky remote that’s hijacked time?

as i sit at my desk, which i know i tidied with major purpose the other day (week), i spy a smattering of small little lists.  this is my new attempt at order in the court: categorizing tasks so that my bobble-head of over-information doesn’t spin too out of control as i navigate the dual tight-rope & juggling-act that this summer seems to have put me on.

my day then has a little menu of choices, recalling a famous quote from a certain acquaintance ages ago who coached his wife into training tots to pick up toys by ‘making it fun’, as he left for the office, yet again.

so, making it ‘fun’ for me at this lightening speed summer, i skim my appetizers: projects, which this week include architectural sketches & hand-painting wooden custom outdoor ‘vintage’ signage for a few rustic clients (yes, i own a table saw); pitch, which means keep a dazzling personality holographically alive on twitter, linkedin, this blog, pinterest, etsy, my website, bla bla bla more creative blathering which some days is a challenge to do; printer, which gives me a little outing in the car to fetch fresh off the press goodies and an honorary swing to the po box to look for checks, golden!

invariably, the to do lists piling here include a dizzying amount of domestic fun, which at this point, has to be relegated per child, as despite their growing older, amasses a challenging (make it fun!) bit of oversight and coordination as i train them to be totally independent. (this week’s lesson: how to select a really safe, smart, non-fire trap, attractive, meeting all fire and safety codes per the city of chicago, hardwood floors please apartments).

don’t even get me started on the pets.  or the cleaning. or the grocery shopping. or the challenge (met, make it fun) of creating really delicious and appealing-to-the-eye family dinners. or the stacks of ready books that chant ‘read me, choose me, love me’, as i sort through the next gem to bring to bed with me.

there’s so much to do and i love it!

clearly i could go on, and on.  i love it all, the satisfaction of hitting the pillow finally at the end of the day with an overwhelming feeling of fullness: wow, this juggling has it’s merits after all, a round the clock bit of action, purpose, creativity, satisfaction, importance, pleasure, giving, sharing, making, eating, cooking, drawing, laughing, and gratefully, waking up the next morning for yet another spin on this merry-go-round.

yes, i make it fun.

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