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i read a little blog post the other day that ramped up my self-confidence.  the topic was freelancers and their tendency to create full-time jobs for themselves.  which of course, is counter-productive to the whole independent “free” aspect of this type of work set up.

when i started my blog, i pledged to both myself and my fledgling ‘audience’ that i would post every single day: both words, and a new sketch.

well, what an idea!

i did keep it up for a really long time, and found the quiet of the morning an ideal time to scribble a little sketch that represented what was on my mind, or on my list of things to do that day…the operative word, of course, is ‘quiet’.

as it turns out, my life is crazy with fits and bursts of constant interruption all of a sudden…all good, all great, all fun, all family, kids, pets or actual work, cooking, movie night, lazy bacon-fused breakfasts, making travel plans, dealing with new college apartments…but these tirades of action come flying at me not unlike the tennis balls being cannoned out of a renegade auto-matic tennis ball shooter machine: fast and furious and non-stop.

so, back to the article.  the nice man explained that he, too, bit off more than he could type when he vowed to post each m, w and f…a mere three days a week and he found it nearly impossible to come up with valuable or intriguing topics to match this schedule.

he told us, his readers, hungrily looking for absolution, that it was okay to slack a bit.  that we creatives are able to be scheduled, but that it’s really in our best interest and our best creations-potential, to create when the spirit moves us, rather than spit out little nothings on a rote basis just to meet the bottom line of that work-a-day world that we’ve all chosen to bypass.

hallelujah! instantly the feeling of guilt, those barnacles of ‘you’re not following through, you’re letting your people down, your blog is stale and totally b-o-r-i-n-g, washed right down my back, down the drain of ‘things that don’t matter that you create yourself to ridiculously stress out!).

and so, when i got back up onto my blog this morning, i felt refreshed, forgiven, and yes, freed.  my best work is that which comes slitheringly floating into my imagination at no one’s bidding, no deadline, no tapping toe of an impatient invisible blog boss: for pleasure, of mine and hopefully of yours, i spring illustrations and silly blathering here on m. wood pen blog in honor of my very own work ethic: make it real, make it good, and make it last.

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