m wood pen

i like to draw

m wood coffee

lucky enough to indulge each (or most) mornings in this manner, i take my perking hot very strong loveless cafe diner-style coffee mug outside.  sitting in a sturdy, enveloping adirondack chair, i feast on the caffeine and the glorious sounds and sights of the season.

it’s summer, which means i spend more time out there than in say, january…and for this i’m beyond grateful.  the sing song of the gathering of busy birds is my morning music, as i’ve been deliberate to leave my iphone inside of my house and cut away, if only for a moment, from the busy digital bee life that swarms me the rest of the day long.

my lens is a bit out of focus.  i’m not fully awake yet, my glasses are not on my face but rather still at my bedside where they enabled my to leap further into a wonderful book last night.  so my view is a bit of a vaseline-lens, a bit fuzzy, the same technique used to film doris day in her close close close-ups back in the day.

the forest beyond, the red barn, my flower garden spreading out around my house…all just breathtaking.

as the coffee settles in, i try as i might to stay in this floaty-land of just easy meditation.  however, i’m not really built that way, and soon as i know it, the big world of my monday morning comes clattering into my head.  work, my lists, the things that must be done, the pitch that must be made, the drawings and packaged cards that must be taken care of.

as i wake up to this rude cacophony of grown-up responsibility, i begin to focus in on my brilliant country vista.

that barn really could use a new coat of paint.

the blooming lavender and shasta daisies are being invaded by some nasty weeds.

the sturdy vintage volvo in the gravel drive needs it’s windshield replaced.

my toes: i need a pedicure.

guess it’s time to get up and out of my reverie and begin my day for real, noting with a grin that it’s the imperfections that make me drive still straight ahead on the road.  i eschew perfection, it’s just not my style, and so i make a mental note to scribble ‘weed garden’, ‘call allstate’, ‘ignore peeling barn’ on an old note card and see if i can lure my summer chore team to roll up their sleeves today and tend to these pleasantries.

and if not?

well, it’s summer. and the living is easy.

it can all wait for yet another day.

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