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m wood beach sandals

i forgot how much i love summer….well, what i mean is that i forgot a particular reason that makes summer especially delicious.

as the school year wraps itself up, a good thing for all these kids that need a break, my house stretches out to welcome back the boxes, bundles, backpacks, books, and all ephemera that accompany one high school and two college kids.

among the goods that all need to find various places to be stashed away, best of all, for me, are the people themselves. and luckier still, for this mom who peers at the dangerous curves ahead that are marked “warning: empty nest approaching”, is that each of them, once compounded with their throngs of pals, equals a lively happy busy firefly bonfire swimming tv marathon cooking together goofing off lazy bones jones together crisply warm couple of months.

heaven on earth for me is the time just starting: my people and their people all just hanging out.

granted, there’s that little issue of my having to remember to work.  it’s dicey and my self-discipline gets a work out as i’d much rather just do nothing but swim in the energy of all of these kids.  but too, my work keeps the groceries coming, a vital ingredient to a successful summer.

and too, i guess i don’t want to ever be the dorky mom who doesn’t know when to let these rascals have their own space, a challenge in itself as our house is sort of small and wide open with literally no privacy.  but summer yawning it’s welcome warmth out of all of our french doors means our world has stretched itself to include the sweet green grass, the hugging all around cedar deck, the shady spots beneath the great white pines, the crazy collection of chairs encircling our own perennial everlasting flame of the campfire just outside. and best of all: no bedtime, no early class, no dastardly alarm clock screaming at any of us.  time flows as invisibly as the balmy breeze of our languid hours.

marshmellows, hersheys and graham crackers at the ready: it’s time to play.

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