m wood pen

i like to draw

m wood thames river view

fine time to be stuck over here in america’s middle west!

i’m seemingly insatiable watching the chronicles of prep, pomp and circumstance surrounding the celebration this week-end (said like a brit) and beyond of pageantry in it’s finest glory.

long a fan of history, long a fan of all things british (i’m keen for all of europe & the u.k., not to hurt anyone’s feelings), i’m having near apoplexy over being here and wishing so to be plopped in the midst of it all!

merry olde england toasts this grand dame, this once little fresh faced english lass who, by fates and her uncle’s oddly placed love for a twice divorced american (who, incidentally, once waved to my young mother one day in baltimore), was suddenly pulled from her girlish tween naivite and thrust into the role of heir apparent….and soon enough, queen of england.


and here she is, here we all are, sixty, 60! years later.  it’s mind-boggling to see the timeline of the world during her solid, dependable, steady reign…the idea of a day off must never enter this gal’s orbit, and i’m readily in line with all who celebrate this wonderful anniversary.  for a culture that’s now all about disposability, here represents not only one woman’s pledge and commitment, but too the intrigue and stalwart, steadfast history of the british monarchy.

yes, i’m a fan.

waving my union jack over here just outside of the windy city, perchance my whisper of congratulations will be caught up in a wayward eastern wind and settle gently down along the thames this happy day.


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