m wood pen

i like to draw


m wood crate&barrel banner ad

 pinch me.

have to admit: this is pretty darn cool.

while loitering online just now, in between some work objectives, trolling for books about england’s monarchy, & researching chinese painting, i took an irresponsible swing over to tmz to read about lindsay lohan putting herself under house arrest.

there’s no denying we fell loopily in love with her back in the day when she landed, all freckles and perk, in the nervously anticipated remake of “the parent trap”.  in hindsight, though a big fan of hayley mills, it really wasn’t difficult to trump that kind of cheesy first go at twins cavorting and cajoling their parents into a reconciliation.

since then, and i’m certain it’s the burning maternal stuff going on, i’m still rooting for her.  kind of like those awful decisions that jenny made in “forrest gump”, we keep holding our collective breath as she makes a right turn then a wrong turn….no, the audience cries, don’t go down that dark road!!!

so, i’m off topic, again, but this is how my mind works.

as i landed on that gossip website, a page i typically avoid, i learned that lindsay’s probation is ending in two weeks, and a plea from her friends has convinced her to just stay home in the evenings so that she can avoid further skirmishes and trouble.

sounds like a wise decision.

as i felt a bit restored in my hope that she’s going to get it together, i glanced up at something oddly familiar that was topping the website page.

could it be?

way beyond cool: my cocktail blueprint print, centered in a crate&barrel banner ad, right there for all to see!

and in my favorite game, the six degrees of separation, does this mean me, my print, lindsay lohan, dennis quaid, meg ryan……the game could be endless, and i’ve stalled enough already this morning so it’s back to work i go.

for as much as i love to kill time with my insatiable curiousity about pretty much everything, i get a killer satisfaction over seeing something that i pored over for weeks last year, yes, even skipping a taylor swift concert for my daughter, sketching, drafting, and drawing at my kitchen table…blazing.  it never gets old, this thrill of mine.

a pretty fine feeling, indeed.

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