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 well i am so incredibly sated, i don’t even know what to say.

i’ve been doing a lot of shopping lately.  not the kind of shopping where a bunch of gals get together and troll the malls, boulevards and chic streets, stopping for tapas and sipping prosecco.  although that doesn’t sound like torture, my shopping is all about setting two of my three up in their very own pads.

yes, it’s college, and yes, they’ve still got some learning and living to do before they’re officially hatched, but this is a big step and one that makes me feel so privileged to be invited along for.

so, the shopping is all about the tools that one needs to set up house.  and we’ve noticed, after two weekends in a row consisting of four car loads and one very big truck, that we’re of the school that practices ‘more is more’…..despite the looks, eye rolls and side glances from the observers who, inexplicably, arrive at college with two suitcases and a toothbrush.

that is so not us!

the thing of it is, home is where you hang your hat, but also where you curl up on a couch with a cozy blanket, pop in one of your favorite old movies, treat yourself to a familiar sweet easy feeling.  it’s where guests, expected or not, are offered a cool drink (or a cup of coffee), a snack, a sandwich, an omelette, a brimming bowl of soup, or a tasty homemade dinner…served in colorful, ceramic, vintage, quirky, sturdy, solid dishes.  if you’re feeling a bit under the weather, the first thing you do, after sizing up your advil and vitamin supplies, is brew a nice cup of tea…with honey and settle down with a really good book.  when you feel the itch to be creative (as these kids surely show), you grab your sketch pad, pen, box stuffed full of markers, japanese & italian paper, scissors and glue.  time to study?  don’t even think about flipping the switch to those nasty overhead lights…turn the switch on those darling soft light lamps that warm the room and draw you in to focus.  ready for bed?  crawl under the layers of soft cotton, wool, the perfect pillow, textures all wafting you off to sweet, safe dreams.

the stuff that has been gathered and delivered, unpacked and set up, arranged and rearranged…setting the stage, lovingly and with immeasurable vim and vigor, to a quality, enriched, sophisticated, warm and ever-so welcoming home.

so, the shopping?  not a stitch of stuff for the old folks watching the birds fly the nest.

so why is it that i feel like i’ve lucked into the biggest loot of all?  the look of these two children as they settle in.  the sound of their voices as they call to say how happy they are.  the ping zing zap of a text, chockful of a string of big bright red emoji hearts.

nourishing and being beyond nourished.  yep, this love thing is wild.  the more you give, the more you get.

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