m wood pen

i like to draw

      i’m a freak for architecture.

while i was whipping up some fabulous patterns this afternoon, (am particularly fond of this gorgeous flatiron striped preppy piece…need to remember to get to nyc soon)…i had a kookie thought.  maybe it’s because i’ve been in a mega-pattern frame of mind for the last few weeks, and i’ve rewired my brain to think see hear only in patterns!  but hear me out.

i studied art history because i’ve always loved architecture.  i couldn’t get a job out of college because art history & english literature & art weren’t really selling in the early 80’s.  seemed i had to go get myself some training in a ‘profession’ so that i could land my dream career and rent my dream apartment to set the stage for my dream city life.

architecture came calling, well, the study of, and the prettifying of it all.   the school of the art institute seemed to think i was worth a shot, and though i was super flattered and spent a fun semester there, i was in a bigger rush than the very mellow professors were…my life was waiting!  i crossed michigan avenue and spent three full years at harrington college of design, studying interior design & interior architecture.  i didn’t want to be a full blown architect because i’m lousy at details and didn’t want the daunting responsibility of keeping buildings from falling down from lack of structural support or something.  i’d stick to the inside!

school was a blast, i got myself another diploma, a profession, a job, and off i went on a dizzyingly fun city adventure, and several very cool apartments.  living amidst those beacons of steel & glass splendor in chicago just made the whole thing that much better.  plus, i learned that i had a knack for rendering and illustration (who knew?) and spent scads of paper and ink sketching building after building, just for the fun of it.

fast forward, switch gears, add some babies and some real life stuff, and i’ve landed over here still drawing buildings.  only now there’s a fun flip to it all. and that’s where this whole pattern thing came into my mind.

i love architecture so i studied design and learned to illustrate the architecture that i love and am so now creating designs of illustrations of architecture.  i love this so much, i want to wear it in a cute cotton shirt, sleep in it in crisp cotton sheets, sit in a chair tightly covered in it, gaze up at a tall wall papered in it, and put my feet up on an ottoman richly wrapped in it.  i’m designing a world inside of architecture of architecture celebrating architecture.

does this hurt your head too?  i guess that it’s kind of a profound thought from where i sit (or i need more coffee)…but i think it’s one of those ‘duh’ moments: i keep telling my kids, as they ponder that imminent decision of what to do when they grow up, “do the thing you love to do.”

guess i actually listened to my own advice.

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