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i’m not sure where i’ve been, but i’ve just spotted the collaboration between lb & th coined, “prep world”…

i have to hand it to the brilliance of getting the author of “the preppie handbook” to put her stamp of approval, (and name, face, time, input, et al), into this endeavor.  the added genius of that pop shop is noted: bringing in an architectural element which so wraps up the whole lifestyle story makes me want to run out and re-shingle my house.

i admit, i find the whole thing refreshing.  my eye for style has so moved on from the ghetto look!

i grew up in the 60s world of crisp & clean…shirts were tucked in and it actually looked ok.  give me the early beach boys with those darling blonde mop tops, striped shirts & loafers (without socks).  and the outside tidy didn’t prevent the kids from having some steamy old fashioned fun: just watch ‘a summer place’ and see sandra dee get all googly-eyed over troy donohue’s steamy beachside kiss!  jump back every 20 or 30 years, and you’ll see it in it’s chino-loafer-popping color-tidy-starched-rumpled splendor.

of course, the whole thing is cyclical.  live long enough and you’ll see the rotation of each and every fashion/color/house/hair/shoe style, some more welcome than others.  i had a design professor who would bellow out, “there is no such thing as a new idea.”  this is kinda true and kinda false, but yes, imitation is prevalent and the return to prep (though for many it’s never ever left), is fine by me.  i’ve still got my original copy of the lb’s bible, autographed & rigamortised into a wavey-curley form from a dive into the pool in 1982.

yes, bloodies and g&t’s were involved.

i have one request, however.  can everyone, as they gather around during tail gate parties & sunday brunches please remember the true originals?  while i take my hat off (if i was wearing one) to this stellar combination and the launch of the colorful and kitschy true prep line, let’s none of us forget where it all came from.  and as a reminder, here’s a little bit of a primer:

the “duck shoe” makes it’s home in freeport, maine..thanks to l.l. bean…& there is only one “boat shoe”….just google “mr. sperry and his pocketknife”.

it’s not that i’m a stickler for detail, but i am one for original ideas.


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