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this morning got off to a slow start.  i couldn’t seem to shake off staying up too late (blame that on jennifer egan’s “a visit from the goon squad”) so i stretched out my second cup of coffee over a lazy meandering around Facebook.

what better way to put off work then to continue to do research on the event of the moment, the royal wedding?  as luck would have it, i downloaded the official wedding programme as my very own digital keepsake, spent considerable time examining both william’s and kate’s royal crests (there is always room for inspiration…i think there’s going to be a bit of a mad dash of crest designs in our fashion world), and then went so far as to print a color copy of the official map, which details (in a darling illustration, btw), the official route that all of the carriages will take during the parade from westminster abbey back home to the buckingham palace crib.  call me crazy, but as all of my friends have said, we’re doing this ‘for diana’.  yes, i said you could call me crazy.

the procrastination hit a fevered pitch (and a walk to fill my mug for a third time) as i wound my way over to paul mccartney’s fb page.  i always liked paul the best, and was on an anglophile high, so i decided to stay for a while.  i know john has a much more intense following, and the bunch of them are terrific, but something about paul’s boyish bouncing head and plaintive, silly love songs always had me smiling.

exciting news!  just released, i happened to learn, “for the very first time, linda mccartney’s extraordinary life and career will be documented online with the launch of www.lindamccartney.com“!

since i seemed to have the time, i clicked immediately to see what this was all about.  and that, my confused readers (where is she going with this?), was my inspiration for the day.

here is this woman who perched in the midst of an entire world wide sea change, and in all of it, just look at the evolution of how the world looked.  she started out as a preppie in scarsdale (i’m assuming, just seems obvious), picked up a camera, hung out at town & country magazine, and then by happenstance was jettisoned into the world of rock’n’roll and then married herself a beatle.  the clean-lined eastern sensibility of one style is replaced by the kookie, what are these people wearing haberdashery gypsy pattern on pattern color splotch of the wild days in the later 60s.  then let’s spend a few decades living on a farm in england and embrace wools, hunter boots and sensible cotton dresses…oh, and launch a world-wide stance on life without meat.  kind of a trend setter, i’d say. ya think?

i was lucky enough to catch paul mccartney and wings back in 1988.  swept away by the opening number which bunched all of my fav beatles songs together, accompanied by a huge slide show of the fab four up behind paul, i noticed a small, slight blonde gal hanging over by the keyboards.  omg.  it was her!  (i’d clearly done no research whatsoever and had no idea that linda was now a part of the band…).  my favorite part of the concert?  when the music really got going, and the audience was swept away by their paul-rapture, linda would pick up a hand-held video camera and scan the audience, making her own home movie to pop into the telly when back home amid the hills and dales of england.  pretty cool gal.

go see this website.  it’s gorgeous, it’s telling, it’s poignant, it’s amazingly impressive.


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  1. Chris says:

    The Brits are slightly crazy – take a day like this when the expression “mad dogs and English men go out in the mid day sun” means we don’t even know what do when we see the sun :)

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