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i like to draw

last night as i raced from gadget to post to tweet to status to wall to message to site to email…(nearly bringing on some sort of uptempo electronic seizure)…it occurred to me that i needed to just stick all of this stuff in one place.  or at least, as in the childhood game of “tag”, i needed a home base.

“aha!” i thought to myself, or said to my dog astro, i really can’t remember.  “i need a blog!”

well, here’s the thing about being visual…it is a burden.  i mean, it’s a blessing because i get a kick out of really cool looking things, the best color combinations, an inspiring vignette…but when this hair-brained idea hit me last night, i figured i could just whip out a blog and start blogging.

no such luck.

an hour locking in my domain name on wordpress, an hour picking a template (after rejecting about 27 of them), an hour deciding if i needed a custom menu (it appears that i don’t), throw in a couple cups of coffee’s worth of time manipulating some art to fit into that damn header box (i still don’t like how it looks…), and now i just have to throw my hands up and laugh.

yes, it matters to me.  the way things look.  the color, balance, value, content…all of those artsy words are inherent in me and i can’t do a thing about it.  i’ll get all poster-inspirational here and just say i’m accepting this as a fact, and i love that i got this particular (and very particular) gene.  however, it’s a time zapper and i really have to wrap this up and get back to work.

work, by the way, is a pretty happy place for me.  i’m sure i’ll trip back and reveal the fascinating (more like bumbling) steps that brought me over to this side of things.  granted, i’m still climbing and clambering, but the views are terrific & the energy to create visually pleasing things grows by the day.

i’m off.

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